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At Westage, our facilities speak volumes about us. They speak of our commitment to quality, our belief in customer service, our dedication to the community, and most of all, our passion for healthcare.

The structures we build tell only part of our story. It is the life-saving and life-changing services they house that tell the rest. Westage creates dignified environments for healthcare providers to put their clinical knowledge, expertise and skill to good use–improving the quality of life for people in our communities.

That’s why at Westage, we do everything possible to establish relationships with our tenant physicians. We work with them to create the best possible venue for what they do best–provide quality healthcare. This commitment to quality holds true whether Westage develops a building for its own portfolio, or constructs a build-to-suit facility for a particular client.

When you walk into a Westage property, you’ll notice the attention to detail immediately. You’ll experience it through the excellent condition of our facilities and the advanced services our tenants provide. There is a satisfaction our tenants derive from working with the experienced professionals at Westage.

Browse our portfolio and see what we’ve been able to build together.

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What people are saying...

It is actually a blessing when an organization like Westage comes along, proposes a large development in your town and makes it happen

Joan A. Pagones, Former Supervisor, Town of Fishkill, NY

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